Magnetic Plastic Letters

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  • Molded 1-1/2" magnetic letters for teaching, spelling, and phonics
  • Vowels are blue, consonants are red for letter activities
  • Made of plastic with heavy-duty magnets

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    Sales Description: Magnetic Plastic Letters

    Crafted with precision, these molded magnetic letters, measuring 1-1/2", serve as excellent tools for teaching, spelling, and phonics. Each vowel and consonant is distinctively colored, facilitating a wide array of letter-related activities. Manufactured from durable plastic and fortified with robust magnets, these letters ensure longevity and reliable adhesion. Designed for educational purposes, these letters are intended for children aged 3 and above. These Magnetic Upper Case Alphabet Letters contain a total of 108 letters in a set. With a magnetic backing, these letters find ideal usage in classrooms, enhancing learning experiences. The assortment features a variety of vibrant colors and is composed of plastic material, standing at a height of 1.50".